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At Vital cigar we are aware of how complicated it is to choose an electronic cigarette for new vapers who try to quit smoking for the first time with electronic cigarettes. That’s why we care about giving the best customer service and excellent advice both before buying your vaper and after.

Faced with such a variety of models, which often overwhelms the vapeador initiated, we have a selection of starter vase kits of the best quality, chosen based on our tests and based on the experiences of our customers, as well as the community vapers in general. Therefore we can say that if you decide to buy one of our electronic cigarettes you will be fully satisfied and your chances to quit smoking with our vaper will be very high.

But it is not only necessary to choose a good vaper if you do not select a good brand of e-liquid and an adequate level of nicotine, but it is also possible that your task to quit smoking with the vapor is more complicated. If you are a habitual smoker, you should choose in your e-liquids an amount of nicotine around 12mg or 18mg and in an indispensable way flavors of tobacco. Later you can go down nicotine doses and even add fruit or sweet characters that are to your liking. We invite you to trust us to buy electronic cigarette; you will not regret it.

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