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A widespread mistake when buying electronic cigarettes is to think that anyone serves and that once purchased and will leave the stuff without doing anything else. The choice of the paper model is critical and to help choose is we.

But also, electronic cigarettes have certain consumable parts that must be paid attention not to interrupt the vaping process when trying to quit.

The most important part is the resistance of the electronic cigarette. The opposition is the part that will produce enough heat to vaporize the liquid and generate the vapor. This piece has wear with the use, especially with sweeter juices, because it tends to accumulate remains and in the end, it ceases to be useful. So, when you buy an electronic cigarette, you should keep in mind that after one or two weeks on average, that piece has to be changed or the amount of steam produced will be insufficient.

Many novice vapers are unaware of the gradual decrease in vapor and eventually relapse into tobacco, unaware that the problem was solved by merely replacing the resistance and producing plenty of steam again as if the vapeador were new. You can find the ones that correspond to each model on each product page, in the “Related articles” area.

We Have The Best Flavors And Brands For Your Electronic Cigarettes.

Another point that generates many doubts is the e-liquid of electronic cigarettes, which is the consumable part that is introduced into the deposit of the clearomizer (the transparent or glass part of the vaper) to be heated and produce steam. The e-liquid electronic cigarette may or may not have nicotine, that is left to your choice next to the flavor you choose. However, for papers that are just beginning to quit smoking, it is strongly recommended to use tobacco-flavored liquids during the first months, as well as a maximum nicotine level of at least 12mg or 18mg. For many users of the electronic cigarette is sufficient 12mg, others, however, should choose 18mg, it is advisable to buy at least two boats, one for each level of nicotine and check how much you satisfy each of them, to be able to decide on future purchases of liquids of electronic cigarette. Once you feel comfortable and sure not to fall back on tobacco, you can begin to lower the level of nicotine and start testing other flavors of e-liquid fruit electronic cigarettes, sweets, drinks, etc…

The duration of The electronic cigarette fluids is variable, depending on how much you need to consume to quit the habit. On average, a 10ml bottle can last between 1 and three days, 30ml formats are more economical, with more quantity at a lower price. You should worry about always having vaper liquid and making new regular purchases to stock up ahead of time. If you run out of vapers, you will be in danger of falling back into tobacco.

Vital cigar is your trusted online store, and we are concerned that your goal of quitting smoking with the vapers comes to fruition, so to amortize the shipping costs we propose that you acquire enough liquids for several weeks, so that if it exceeds 50 € in purchases, we do not charge shipping costs. Do not think about it anymore, now is an excellent time to buy your electronic cigarette

The Best Electronic Cigarette

The days in which the eGo electronic cigarette models were the star product with which thousands of users tried to stop smoking back in 2013 have passed. Currently, electronic cigarettes (also called vaper ) have evolved enormously both in technique and in quality, so we can say that today, the electronic cigarette is much more efficient to stop smoking than a few years ago.

We present below a selection of what we believe, based on the expectations of our customers and vapers in general, are the models with better performance and value for money at the moment.