What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette?

Ego Aio By Joyetech

Joyetech’s AIO is undoubtedly one of the star products of the moment, with a compact size and reduced price it achieves an excellent steam production. This, together with its simplicity of use and maintenance, has made it one of the most consumed models this year.

Joyetech’s AIO is based on an All-In-One design, which presents this electronic cigarette all assembled in one piece, combining strength and simplicity in a very efficient way. It emphasizes its deposit of easy refilling; it is unscrewed the nozzle showing a large opening to be able to fill the liquid very simply and quickly. Since the filling of the deposit is something that must often be repeated, it is appreciated that a secure and little cumbersome system has been created.

The resistance replacement is just as simple, the nozzle is unscrewed, and the resistance to the nose is screwed on the bottom. The SS316 resistors exclusive Joyetech have considerably improved their steam production and avoids much more efficiently burned annoying flavors of any resistance made previously, in this brand and others. Its duration is also quite efficient since it can be used up to two or three weeks without having to be replaced.

Its battery is 1500mAh which gives it enough autonomy not to worry about its load often as it was with the old ego models. But if higher independence is required, Joyetech offers AIO DX22 XL a version of the same model with a battery capacity of 2300mAh, doubling almost the battery charge of the initial release.

We have created this video presenting this electronic cigarette where you can see it working and know its maintenance.